Miss Musique

If you read our blog post “Our services, explained”, you are ready to choose your ensemble!  The ensemble that is right for you is obviously a very subjective question, but we’re going to try and break down some of the most common ways to help you choose.



This is by far the most important factor in your decision making.  First figure out how much money you have to put towards live music, and then reach out to us! We can help you decide which ensemble will fit best into your budget.  The beauty of Miss Musique is that we don’t just offer one cookie-cutter ensemble.  We accommodate YOUR budget so you can enjoy live music at any price-point.


Are you having a micro-wedding with 20 people or less?  Or are you having a large event with 150 people or more?  This will determine how many musicians you should have.  Larger ensembles will always work no matter how small your event is, but small ensembles will not necessarily work at large events. Anything from a violin soloist to a string quartet will be perfect for your micro-wedding, however that same violinist at a large wedding will never be heard by your guests.  The exception to this rule is the amplification package.  If you want to have a soloist at a large event, you will definitely need the boost of sound that the amplification package provides. 


Acoustics need to be considered when picking your ensemble size.  Walls, floors, and ceilings provide surfaces for sound to bounce off of, while outdoors the sound will float up into the air and disappear, so that’s why your ensemble will sound much louder indoors than outdoors.  Is your event indoors but in a carpeted room? Fabrics absorb sound, so your ensemble will sound quieter in a carpeted room than a room with hardwood floors.  What if you’re having an outdoor ceremony and indoor cocktail hour? Go for the larger ensemble to accommodate the outdoor acoustic situation.  To boil it down, if your event is in a space that has good acoustics, e.g. indoors with hardwood floors, you can get away with a smaller ensemble.  If your event is in a space with not so great acoustics, e.g. outside, you will need a larger ensemble.  However, our amplification package is designed to make up for spaces without ideal acoustics!  


Events that take place in a noisy environment like a cocktail hour, will require a larger ensemble to be heard over the natural chatter of the event.  However, during a wedding ceremony when it tends to be much quieter, a smaller ensemble will have the opportunity to be heard.


Pop music tends to sound better with a larger ensemble, while a smaller ensemble is best suited for classical music.  Many of our pop arrangements are composed to mimic a real band so the smaller ensembles just don’t have enough instruments to accurately copy the sound.  However, many classical music arrangements are specifically designed to be played by smaller ensembles so classical music will sound fantastic. Again, you can always go larger with your ensemble, but going smaller doesn’t always work.