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Philadelphia Musician Provides an Unmatched Atmosphere

PHILADELPHIA, Dilworth Park– A “Miss Musique “ trio (violin, viola & cello) of premier wedding musicians Philadelphia delighted about 150 guests and a host of Center City onlookers as they performed the ceremony music for a grand wedding celebration in Dilworth Park, outside the landmark Philadelphia City Hall on June 04, 2017. A grand and splendid venue for the grandest of wedding celebrations. No detail was left untouched, including the selection of the virtuosic string trio provided by Miss Musique, every Philadelphia musician hand-picked to build the perfect experience.

Virtuosic Wedding Musicians Philadelphia

Predicted rain remained at bay as Miss Musique, founded by Andrea Levine in 2011, used high-tech amplification equipment with hand-made, acoustic instruments in the hands of accomplished Philadelphia musicians to waft exquisite music throughout the ceremony location during the prelude. The Bose sound equipment used to amplify the musicians’ instruments is sleek and discreet, while the pickups attached to the acoustic instruments’ bridges give the illusion that the instruments are being played without amplification! The top wedding ceremony musicians Philadelphia performed many pop music standards such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey and “All you need is Love” by The Beatles, to entertain guests during the thirty-minute prelude set prior to the ceremony.

Wedding Musician Philadelphia PA Creates a Romantic Mood for Your Wedding

Fountains, hidden beneath the surface of the ground, were programmed to go off as the bride and groom uttered their wedding vows. Next, the Miss Musique wedding musician Philadelphia PA performed celebratory recessional music “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay which prompted cheers and rousing applause from ceremony attendees, as well as onlookers, alike.

Philadelphia Musician Continues to Wow Audiences

There was plenty of enthusiastic commentary from the wedding party, including the groom, who said he was more confident he and his new bride had selected the wedding musicians Philadelphia for their special day after Miss Musique performed. Other congratulatory comments included an attendee who said she planned to hire Miss Musique’s Philadelphia musician for her upcoming dinner party, cocktail hour, and other social events she had planned. Miss Musique has been selected as “Best of the Knot” from her customer ratings for the past five consecutive years.

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