Miss Musique

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to pick the perfect music for your event? Not sure which songs will create the right vibe or how to arrange them seamlessly? Andrea is here to help!

With decades of experience performing at thousands of events, Andrea knows exactly how to craft a unique and personalized setlist that matches your style and vision. Here’s how we can make your event unforgettable together:

Here’s What You’ll Get
A Personalized Discovery Call: 30 minutes with Andrea discussing your favorite music, genre preferences, and dream songs. Andrea will share her expert advice on the best song choices for all the special moments at your event.

Custom Setlist Building Session: In a follow up 30 minute call, Andrea will use insights from the discovery session to help you curate the perfect setlist, tailored specifically to your event.

With Andrea’s help, your event will not only sound amazing but also feel uniquely you. Let’s optimize the soundtrack to your special day together!


Starting at 300