Miss Musique

One of the benefits of working with Miss Musique is that we have a very simple process for requesting the songs for your event.  It’s called our Music Request Form, and once you are booked with us it can be found in your Honeybook portal under “files”.  It looks like this: 


Let’s talk about what each one of the headings means.  

PRELUDE: This takes place 30 minutes before your wedding ceremony begins as your guests are entering your ceremony space.  You should pick about 10 songs for this segment.

PROCESSIONAL OF PARTNER #1, FAMILY AND WEDDING PARTY: This is for everybody walking down the aisle before partner #2.  For heterosexual couples, partner #1 is traditionally the groom and partner #2 is traditionally the bride.  Pick one song for EVERYONE before partner #2.  Don’t worry about the length of the song, we can always loop around and play it again!  One of the perks of having live music 🙂

PROCESSIONAL OF PARTNER #2: One song should be chosen for the processional of the second partner.  Sometimes both partners in same-sex couples will choose to walk down the aisle together.  Please let us know if this is what you’re going to do!

INTERLUDE:  Interlude music is any music that will happen DURING your ceremony.  If you’re doing a ritual like a handfasting, sand pouring, or candle lighting ceremony, it’s nice to have some light music going on in the background to accompany this special moment!

RECESSIONAL: This is right after you’re pronounced married and are walking back down the aisle!

POSTLUDE: This song will be played so your guests can enjoy beautiful music while exiting the ceremony space.

COCKTAIL HOUR/RECEPTION: This is pretty self-explanatory!  I recommend picking 20 songs/hour.  You don’t have to choose every single song if you don’t want to!  You can always give us some direction like, “I like Taylor Swift, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra” and we can fill in as we see fit.  

I hope this helps give you a better understanding of the music selection process!  If you haven’t already, check out our blog post on “Tips for choosing your music” for further insight on picking the best music for your special day!