Miss Musique

If you have read through our post on “The Music Request Form, Explained!” then you are probably wondering, “Ok, what music should I choose?!”. There is a feature on the repertoire page of the Miss Musique website where you can filter out my best suggestions for each “moment” during your event.  For example, if you’re looking for the best song for the bride to walk down the aisle, just filter for that and all of my recommendations will come up!

Otherwise, here are some basic guidelines:
  • 01


    This sets the vibe for your wedding.  Is it going to be moody and romantic?  Or is it going to be fun and playful?  All of the songs in your prelude should fit this theme.  

  • 02

    Wedding Party Processional

    This should also sound like a continuation of prelude.  If you have slow and romantic songs for your prelude, continue this for the wedding party processional.

  • 03

    Bridal Processional

    I suggest something that stands out.  This is going to be one of the musical highlights of your wedding.  If your vibe is fun and playful, pick something slow and heartfelt for the bride.  If you’ve done slow and romantic songs already, pick something more upbeat.  Change it up!

  • 04


    I suggest something meditative.  This is the ritual where you are joining together two people, and the music is going to be your soundtrack.  “Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel is a great choice!  

  • 05


    You’ve just been pronounced married!!  I suggest something celebratory.  Pick something upbeat and exciting!

  • 06

    Cocktail Hour/Reception

    I suggest all upbeat and exciting songs.  Your guests are ready to party and celebrate and the music should reflect that!

Overall, try and group like songs with like.  If you’re into Disney songs, group them all together.  Don’t do one Disney and then switch over to classic rock. Stick with the same decade.  For example, group all 80’s songs together and all current songs together.  It’s also nice to work your way up, beginning with the oldest songs, and ending with the most current songs.