Pricing Considerations

  • As each performance is customized to your specifications, please contact us for an exact quote.
  • Miss Musique performance fees start at $275.
  • Miss Musique’s fees are based upon the number of musicians requested, the amount of time they will be performing, and the locality of the event.
  • Clients are responsible for the extra expense involved where heavy equipment must be moved into an event site or between locations during an event.  These unusual extra charges would apply if either or both a piano and harp are requested for a performance.  If an event holder has a tuned piano in place at the event’s location, Miss Musique’s musicians will be happy to use it.
  • Any special piece requested that our in-house composer must arrange, or sheet music must be purchased for will be the financial responsibility of the Client.  Usually, these special requests will require an extra rehearsal for the musicians selected for your event to ensure a perfect performance. A consultant for Miss Musique in conjunction with your musicians will determine if this is necessary.  This rehearsal will be at the location of the event for 15 minutes before the required start time.  The fee for this rehearsal is $15 per musician.