What We Do

Miss Musique specializes in providing musical entertainment for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours or receptions, religious events such as confirmations or Bar/Bat mitzvahs, private parties, graduations, political or public commemoration events, corporate events, as well as funerals or memorials. We’re also able to provide amplification for the musicians and a wireless microphone for your officiant and vows.  We serve the greater Philadelphia area.



Types of Ensembles

  • String Ensembles: Our string ensembles are the most versatile in repertoire, budget friendly, and are guaranteed to impress you and your guests! Add that extra element of elegance and class to any event by hiring a Miss Musique string ensemble!
    • String Quartet: Our string quartet (two violins, viola & cello) is the perfect luxury option for any large or outdoor event due to the substantial amount of sound produced by four acoustic instruments.  This full-size ensemble is perfect for rocking out to the latest hits or performing the great pillars of the classical repertoire in the original instrumentation.   Our string quartets have the most diverse and comprehensive repertoire available, so any piece you’d like performed from classical to rock or pop will sound just like the record but with a unique acoustic string sound.  And the performances by our top-notch professional musicians are guaranteed to dazzle and impress you and your guests!
    • String Trio: Our string trio (violin, viola & cello) is an excellent choice to get all the benefits of a full-size string quartet but without the extra expense of a second violinist. Our string trio is great for mid-size to large or outdoor events due to the full sound of three acoustic instruments. With this ensemble, all three main voices (soprano on the violin, alto on the viola and bass on the cello) are covered to create a beautiful blend of colors and harmonies.   Our trio has a large collection of repertoire available arranged just for three acoustic instruments that will sound just like our full-size ensemble.
    • String Duo: Our string duo (violin & cello) is one of our most popular ensembles due to it versatility and budget-friendly nature.  We recommend our duo for smaller to mid-size events.  The violin and cello duo is an excellent choice because it provides the two essential voices of any piece of music (soprano melody on the violin and the bass accompaniment on the cello) without the added expense of the middle voice.  It’s really the best of both worlds and we’re sure you and your guests will love it!
    • Violin Soloist: Our violin soloist is our most classic and budget-friendly option.  Our violin soloist is a beautiful choice for smaller, simple, no-fuss events.  This light, airy sound will carry beautifully in a small space or as a featured performer.  Our soloist is an excellent way to add elegance and class to any event, and for a surprisingly affordable price!
  • Harpists: Our harpists add that unique touch of elegance to any event. As a soloist or as an accompaniment to one of our string ensembles, there’s no wrong decision!
  • Flutists: Our flutists are great additions to our string ensembles, substitutions to the violin or even as soloists! Book a flutist to enhance the texture and tone quality of your ensemble.
  • Pianists: Our pianists are available upon special request. Book a pianist to enhance your string ensemble, or as a timeless classic soloist.

Amplification Package

Our amplification package is perfect to enhance your string ensemble by amplifying the natural sound of the musicians’ acoustic instruments.  With 180° of complete coverage, every one of your guests will be surrounded by gorgeous music in a concert hall-like experience; even those seated farthest away! The sound system has a sleek, low-profile design which won’t disrupt your décor.

Additionally, we have a wireless microphone system available to add on, so every word of your vows will be heard.

Amplification is recommended if you are having an outdoor event, where a bit more acoustic volume may be needed, for events where your musicians are performing where it can get noisy (like at a cocktail hour or reception), and/or for events where there are a large number of guests (100+).


About our Musicians

Our musicians hail from the finest music conservatories and universities in the US and abroad and are seasoned performers with some of Philadelphia’s most distinguished ensembles. Each musician is hand-selected after passing through a very rigorous audition process, where we ensure that they meet our extremely high-performance standards.   Your performers are guaranteed to be the most skilled, refined, and professional musicians in the Philadelphia area.